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Praise Team Grayscale_edited

Praise Team Grayscale_edited

Service @ 10:00am
6930 Mexico Rd.   St. Peters, MO 63376

We are interested in partnering with each person who desires to grow spiritually, but that growth is expected to lead to a maturity that produces personal responsibility and accountability for one's own spiritual growth.  Part of that growth toward maturity involves engaging in the classic spiritual disciplines of reading and learning from scripture, prayer time, and solitude, resulting in a life characterized by:


  • Relying on Christ alone for your salvation and that through Christ you have been granted forgiveness of your sins.

  • Seeking close connection with Christ by reading the Bible and praying regularly.

  • Living as to bring honor to Christ, and to witness in your own way about what Christ means to you.

  • Faithfully attending the services of public worship and to partake regularly of the Lord's Supper.

  • Supporting the church with your prayers and being faithful in using your giftedness in service to His church and world.

  • Being a faithful steward of your time, treasure, and talent; giving as God has blessed you.


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