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God created us to be in relationship. However, the Metropolitan St. Louis area is a big, busy place. It is easy to get lost amidst the hustle of daily life without having any real connection to other people. Christ's Church believes it is impossible to truly experience the Christian life in such isolation - we need meaningful relationships with others to learn and walk the Christian life together.


From its earliest days, Christ's Church has sought to be a church of community groups. Our goal is that every person who calls Christ's Church home would also be connected to a group where they can build relationships, study and serve together.


Whether a Life Transformation Group (LTG) consisting of 3-4 people, or a Small Group consisting of 4-12 people, that meet weekly or bi-monthly in homes and other venues throughout the area, this is the primary way we build community as a church. We strongly encourage you to find out more about joining a group today.

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