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Please note that we are holding our next Restore St. Charles workday Saturday, February 18th.  

Scheduled work for this Saturday includes the following:

1.   EMMAUS HOMES SUPPORT                      

We plan to support our strategic partner of Emmaus Homes by working at one of their community homes with interior painting



We will fabricate a handicap ramp for a client that requires a wheelchair for getting in and out of the home.  This ramp will be installed in the client’s garage. 



We will build a handicap ramp for a wheelchair client that need a means of safe egress into and out of the home for trips to the hospital and for rehab.



We will modify an existing ramp installed for a previous client to add a platform at the top of the ramp, near the door, for easier access into the home.



We will support two disabled clients by making repairs to the staircase handrails within their home and by making repairs to their master bathroom.  Work will include replacing a toilet, repairing the flooring, and installing a new 3-piece shower surround.



We will install a small aluminum ramp for a client that needs assistance in transitioning the 4” gap from his deck to inside the home.


We gather at Dardenne Presbyterian Church (7400 South Outer 364, just east of Bryan Road). We begin at 8:00AM with safety instructions, continental breakfast, and work site selection.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to our work. Without you, we can do nothing!

If your objective is to change the world, what better place to begin than to help your neighbor in need?!

Restore St. Charles  is a faith based program that focuses on serving through restoring the community around us. Their mission is to restore lives, hope, and faith by restoring homes and properties. We organize volunteers, churches, and sponsors to make a real difference. Find more information on their website.


February 19 – March 12, 2023

​The Food Distribution Missional Community of Christ’s Church will be partnering with the O.A.S.I.S. Food Pantry and 7 other area churches to collect food and hygiene items in the 2023 Food Challenge.

Each Sunday, we are asking you to contribute food and hygiene items from the food collection list below. While we highlight certain items each week, you are welcome to bring any of the items on the list on any of the weeks of the challenge. Boxes for each item will be set up in the lobby.

About O.A.S.I.S. – They offer a variety of fresh, frozen and canned foodstuffs, as well as basic hygiene items, free of charge to qualified recipients. They also maintain a Thrift Store where anyone can obtain basic household items and clothing at a very low cost. The Thrift Store is open to everyone. All Proceeds go to the Food Pantry to buy foods. They
are a volunteer charity with no paid personnel.

Food Collection by Week
Sunday, February 19

–Toilet Paper (4-pack) 

-Breakfast Cereal 


Sunday, February 26

–Peanut Butter


-Macaroni and Cheese

Sunday, March 5

–Pancake Mix


-Soap (Bar 3-Pack)

-Canned Pasta Sauce
Sunday, March 12

–Instant Potatoes

-Canned Tuna

-Laundry Detergent



WE WANT TO ensure that some of our neediest students have access to nutritious, kid-friendly, and easy to prepare food on the weekends throughout the school year.


BECAUSE students whose families rely on free breakfast and lunch served at school may struggle financially to provide healthy food for their students on the weekends.


CONSEQUENCES of hunger and poor nutrition can lead to:

  • Weaker immune system

  • Shorter attention span

  • Lower IQ

  • Lower academic achievement


HELP BY making a financial donation either in person by check to Christ's Church or electronically.

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