Missional Communities are:

sent by God


to demonstrate Christ's love through action,


listening and responding to the needs voiced

by our neighbors, both near and far,


thereby developing long-term relationships

in ways that build hope, faith, and restoration.


Since 2007, Christ's Church has been instrumental in the formation of an outreach mission in partnership with local ELCA churches. This ministry consists of a Coffee House and developing faith community in New Town in St. Charles. Fair trade merchandise is on display for sale at the Coffee House and fair trade coffee is served. 


The Bridge is a “third place” ministry where forming relationships with God and others is key. A third place is the place where one chooses to spend time beyond being at home or work. We seek to make the atmosphere at The Bridge a place where all can belong and can be motivated to be involved in serving others. You can learn more about this ministry at www.thebridge-online.org.                                                                                                                                          

The Bridge Missional Community is comprised of people from Christ’s Church and two of the area Lutheran churches who have partnered to serve this ever-developing ministry in prayer support and in service.


If you desire to join this ministry of building bridges of relationships between various people groups, through "doing justice....loving kindness.....walking humbly with God" (Micah 6:8), please visit: https://www.thebridge-online.org/contact



Out of a growing awareness of the effects of structural racism in our local and regional community, this missional community has committed itself to learn, to seek God’s guidance, to intentionally develop relationships with people whose lives have been directly impacted by racism and to be involved in appropriate action to be part of the solution side of addressing the evils of racism.


We affirm that 

 “God created humankind in his image,

    in the image of God he created them.” Genesis 1:27


and that 

“There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28


Therefore, we pray and we act in ways that help to bind up the wounds caused by the divisions of the races in our culture. We confess with all followers of Christ who hold to a vision of unity and love among all people created by God the truths of scripture as revealed in the Belhar Confession (https://www.rca.org/resources/confession-belhar).


Contact us if you are interested in joining this missional community.


Experience SANKOFA - A Racial Reconciliation Journey

Sankofa is an opportunity to understand our racial history, acknowledging where we’ve been, and opening our hearts and minds to the reconciliation and healing God is calling us into. The journey includes stops at sites relevant in St. Louis’ racial story - from Mary Meachum’s Freedom Crossing and the Old Courthouse to the Michael Brown Memorial on Canfield Drive. It’s a time to learn about and discuss the racial past that has brought us into today. It’s an opportunity for honest, vulnerable, authentic conversations between black and white, educating each other, understanding our shared history, and truly listening with the intention of moving forward, TOGETHER. It’s not only a journey of historical relevance, but a journey for us to move head knowledge to heart action and make an impactful change in our world today.

The cost for this event is $30 and includes transportation around St. Louis, lunch at St. Louis Baptist Church, and dinner during our debriefing session at Renewing Life Church. Register online for Sankofa2019 which will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2019.

Click here for one past participant's experience on a Sankofa.

Although Christ's Church has sought to be supportive of the elementary schools in its neighborhood in various small ways in the past, the door for more significant involvement opened a few years ago. Soon it became clear that a variety of avenues of service would be welcomed, so a Missional Community was formed to be intentional about providing a prayer foundation for the schools and to be of service where possible. 


The Missional Community is engaged in:

  • tutoring and assisting in classrooms

  • providing helping hands for special events at the schools in order to free teachers up for more direct involvement with families

  • collecting/raising money for 5th grade camp scholarships and field trip fees for students in need

  • leading a drive for weekend food supplies during the school year, and backpacks for students in need each summer

  • providing treats and words of appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week (we include the staff as well)


Here is what some of our team members have to say regarding on-going opportunities for service, facilitated by this Missional Community in order to engage Christ's Church members and friends in this ministry:


"Jingle Bucket Sunday is the last Sunday of each month. Our G.L.O.W. kids take their buckets at the end of  worship and circulate among the congregation collecting change (which jingles) and bills. The money enables children without necessary funds to go on field trips and to provide for a variety of needs at the elementary schools. There's also a Jingle Jar placed at the entrance to the sanctuary where contributions can be made at any time the Spirit so moves." ~Leanne Gordon       


Brenda Schmitt, who assists in a third grade classroom on a weekly basis, shares a few details on what that entails: "The classroom volunteers go into the school setting for an hour or two each week, whatever fits their schedule. The school counselors work with you to determine the right fit. Whether it is volunteering to read with a student 1-on-1 or working with the teacher in the classroom, there are amazing opportunities to give students a chance to discover just how much they are capable of doing. The little bit of extra help can make a difference to a student who is struggling, or to the teacher who just can't give them the extra attention they need due to time constraints."  (To join us in this ministry, each candidate will need to have a background check run. See Jenny in the office for the necessary forms.)


To join the LINKS Missional Community, contact the church office.

Members of the Elementary Schools Missional Community meeting with the principals, assistant principals and social workers of St. Peters and Lewis & Clark Elementary Schools.

​​Contact us:

(636) 397-6303


Church Service:               

Sundays @ 10:00 a.m.

Office Hours:               

Tues, Wed, Fri ~ 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.


​Find us: 

6930 Mexico Road        

St. Peters, MO 63376

(636) 397-6303